Dr Chris Jones

Who I am, and why I'm standing


I was born in Bristol but spent most of my childhood in North Yorkshire, where I attended the local comprehensive school. I was lucky to have a loving and stable family - many of the people I worked with missed out on that. Both my parents worked - my Dad was a forensic scientist and my Mum an English teacher - and they worked hard to ensure my sisters and I had a good start in life. I went to a local comprehensive in Yorkshire, and went on to study both medicine and law in Nottingham.

I always knew that I would want a career that would benefit others. I spent 5 years at medical school in Nottingham and loved the challenges and rewards of psychiatry from my first experience of it. I went on to train in Leicester and Liverpool and had my first consultant post in North Wales, before moving to Broadland in 2001. I've always loved learning, so along the way I've done a law degree and a doctorate in medical ethics. I retired last year but I'm not ready for a pipe and slippers just yet!

Working in psychiatry was a great career and I loved working with people from every conceivable background and trying to help them resolve their problems. It meant that every day I saw the reality of life for people with very different lives to mine: people who haven't had the good fortune to have a loving family, or the opportunities to develop their talents; people struggling to live on benefits because they can no longer hold down a job; people suffering because of the Bedroom Tax and the cuts to vital services over recent years. Most of all it's made me realise that any one of us can be affected by serious illness, and that every one of us relies on the NHS to be there when we need it.

Working in the NHS over the last few years  I've seen the fragmentation of services that comes from competitive tendering, the distortion of clinical care when services are run for profit, the deliberate running down of services by politicians who give lip service to public services while selling them off to the private sector. My life has been spent working in the NHS, and I'm not prepared to give it up without a fight. So trying to make a difference through politics is a natural progression of my 32 years in the Health Service

I've been happily married for 27 years this year. I live in Broadland with my wife, three dogs and a hive of bees, and as well as beekeeping I enjoy tinkering with classic cars and playing chess

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