1. Raise the minimum wage to £8 per hour and ban exploitative zero   hours contracts

2. Freeze energy bills until 2017 while reforming the broken energy market

3. Cut the deficit more fairly by asking those earning over £150,000 to contribute a little more through a 50p rate of tax

4. Get at least 200,000 homes built a year by 2020 and deliver a fairer deal for private renters

5. Scrap the Bedroom Tax

6. Require all firms that have a major Government contract to offer apprenticeships

7. Repeal the Tories' plans to bring competition and privatisation to the NHS

8. Ensure the NHS has time to care with 8,000 more doctors and 20,000 more nurses, funded by a mansion tax on homes worth over £2m

9. Control immigration so that entitlement to benefits are earned and wages are not undercut

10. Devolve power to Scotland, Wales, and the cities and counties of England

Labour Party policies

Promoted by Alan Pawsey on behalf of Chris Jones; both at St Mark's Church Hall, Hall Rd, Norwich, NR1 3HL

Dr Chris Jones

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