Promoted by Alan Pawsey on behalf of Chris Jones; both at St Mark's Church Hall, Hall Rd, Norwich, NR1 3HL

Dr Chris Jones

Why I am standing

I worked for over 30 years in the NHS, specialising early on in Forensic Psychiatry - the assessment and management of mentally disordered offenders. I knew it was an area where I could not only help my individual patients, but also make a difference to our community by preventing further offending and victimisation. For me, standing in the Police and Crime Commissioner election is a natural progression of my career over the last 30 years.

As a psychiatrist I've worked in partnership with agencies across the criminal justice system: the Courts, prisons, the Probation Service, Public Protection, Victim Support, and of course the Police. I've seen, and been part of, some fantastic multi-agency working. I've also seen examples of systems that fail to work together as well as they could. I've also learned that public services work best when dedicated professional staff are given the support and the freedom to do the job they're trained for.

​Mental health is all about teamwork, and as a consultant I've provided leadership to teams of strong-minded independent people. I've learnt that leadership is about empowering and celebrating the success of others, not about controlling and directing them, and I've learnt that different agencies, with different agendas, need to be persuaded to work together. I believe the skills I've developed are a good fit for the role of PCC.

​Ultimately I'm standing in this election because I want to put those skills to use in a way that benefits the whole community, and that builds on 30 years of striving to protect us all